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The loft style

Our team uses innovations in the combination with an individual planning to provide the best design for your home or office and save cost.

Beautiful loft

We develop individual room concepts for private and commercial use. Our team specializes in the interior design of private living rooms, hotels, offices, and etc.

Fashionable loft

The high quality product line is constantly updated in accordance with the best innovations in the world. Collaboration between company experts and the customers allows the company to reinvent itself every time, and the result is original, airy, elegant and fashionable designs.


Loft is a style that can combine metal and genuine leather, glass and plastic, posters and oil paintings. Loft is the magic of space and natural light, a combination of old and new, as well as a unique opportunity to realize your wildest fantasies.

We specialize in the production of loft products made of metal, wood and glass: loft doors, loft dividers, mirror loft, furniture loft, loft railings, barn doors. We work with private clients and corporate persons. You can fantasize endlessly about materials and their surfaces, colours and combinations with the interior in any details.

All products are manufactured in specialized high-tech manufacture with full technical support. Our production allows you to make any design and construction.

We work both with interior designers and our own designers and are ready to make a design on a turn-key basis.

For English contacts: english@fe-style.ru